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One Day Intensive Course: Put the Wind in your Sales – Success with Selling


Sales is the make-it-or-break it portion of virtually every business. Whether a service or a product you need to be able to convince the buyer of its merit and why they should buy from you.

Why would they go for your pitch over those of your competitors?

In just one day, you can learn the ABC’s of what makes successful selling and start putting your new skills to the test.


On Monday, June 15th, Parnassah Network Seminars, a program spearheaded under the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, will be hosting a comprehensive seminar on how to “Put the Wind in Your Sales: Sell with Success,” tailored to both beginners as well as those in the field already. Business owners will want to take this course as well to learn about what makes their sales tick and start adding success to their business.  


The seminar will take place at the Clarion Hotel in Toms River, NJ, and will feature four presenters with extensive experience and talent in the sales arena: Shimmy Braun, of Maimonides Medical Center, who has 25 years of sales training experience; Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union digital marketing agency, Master lead generator; Jerry Steinberg, President at Global Commerce Advisors, with specialty experience in selling to chain stores; and Rick Kestenbaum, COO of New Jersey Jewish News, previously Sales Director at Forbes and other notable magazines.


The presenters will delve into the full gamut of successful sales, including an overview of sales, understanding the buyer’s mindset, finalizing the deal, building relationships, cold calling, dealing with difficult customers, handling rejection and much more. In addition to delving into conventional sales issues, the presenters will delve into the specifics related to those selling to major corporations or chain stores. 


This seminar follows several successful sold-out Parnassah Network “Seminars in a day”. In under eight hours, participants gain a wealth of professional guidance that can completely transform their level of success. Participation is limited to 40 individuals, so that each participant can benefit on a personalized and interactive basis. Presenters field Q & As from the audience, and are available for post-seminar follow up and mentorship.

“People who attend this seminar will walk away with a lot of realistic tools and be better positioned to succeed in this field” says R’ Duvi Honig, founder of Parnassah Network – Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce. “Additionally, the people they network with at the seminar and the presenters they will get to know as mentors beyond the actual seminar are a priceless addition to the actual value of the seminar.”


This seminar is open for men and women (separate seating), and can be reserved for the discounted rate of $199, including breakfast and lunch. Slots are limited and reservations are being made quickly.


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