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Parnassah Network Seminar, “Sell with Success!” is an all-day intensive seminar for business owners and professionals who want to increase the efficacy of their sales efforts.


Attendees will spend a day surrounded by fellow business owners and salespeople while gaining wisdom and skills imparted by presenters who are experts in sales.


Topics include:

  • The Science of Selling

  • Why is Selling a Science?

  • Defining the role of a Successful Salesperson

  • Setting Goals

  • Understanding & Mastering the Sales Process. 

  • Benefits vs Features

  • Prospecting and Finding your customers

  • Cold calling

  • Networking... the right way

  • Marketing to bring sales

  • Understading how buyers buy

  • Listening to what the buyer wants

  • Understanding their needs

  • Knowing the personality type of the buyer

  • Knowing how to communicate accordingly

  • Building a relationship

  • Selling to chain stores

  • Closing the Sale

  • How to close the sale

  • Dealing with difficult customers

  • Should you negotiate and when

  • Handling Rejection





Shimmy Braun, Regional Director of Physician Outreach for

Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn - 25 Years Sales Training




Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union, Certified Google Trainer

Business, Marketing, and Sales Author - Master Lead Generator



Berry Schwartz, Introduction Leader to Program Leader at Landmark - 

High-Performance Coach and Consultant



Jerry Steinberg, President at Global Commerce Advisors - 
Wholesale Accounts and Chain Stores Sales Specialist




March 29th, 2016 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
at The Renaissance Ballroom

5902 14th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219


The cost is $249 per participant.

Breakfast and lunch will be served.








Due to popular demand, Parnassah Network Seminars is proud to present another intensive seminar, entitled “Put the Wind in your Sales. Sell with Success," a single day business sales course. Our previous seminars quickly sold out and participants gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and mentorship from the presenters. This seminar is geared for beginners as well as those with existing businesses who are seeking to learn more effective tactics and strategies to boost their sales.



“People who attend this seminar will walk away with a lot of realistic tools and be better positioned to succeed in this field” says R’ Duvi Honig, founder of Parnassah Network Seminars. “Additionally, the people they network with at the seminar and the presenters they will get to know as mentors beyond the actual seminar are a priceless addition to the actual value of the seminar”



The presenters at this seminar were hand-picked by to include successful sales and business people who have intimate knowledge – and success- in the sales and sales training arena.  The presenters keenly understand  the science of selling and are able to share their experience and knowledge with others . The presenters will be available to answer questions and mentor seminar registrants beyond the day of the actual seminar. Having someone to call upon and reach out to as you navigate the often frustrating and difficult waters of selling is a valuable resource and can often be the difference between real success and failure. This Seminar will really help you put the Wind in your Sales.





Shimmy Braun

Joe Apfelbaum

Berry Schwartz

Jerry Steinberg

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